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The Grafted Olive Branch is a Learning Community.

A Learning Community is different from an educational institution.

A Bible institute or a College usually works on the basis of prescribed outline.

That outline is usually, a set time for lectures, reading material, examination with a pass or fail outcome.

A learning community is based upon a different approach. The goal is to learn at your own pace and not move on until you are comfortable that you really know and understand what you have studied.

We use Jesus teaching ministry as a model. Sometimes he taught large crowds. There were also times when he explained his teaching to small groups around a shared meal. There are also times when Jesus would meet one to one and also with two or three people.

The outcome of a learning community is to engage in a process whereby "knowledge" becomes "known". We use the word known in the Biblical sense of a man and wife who know each other in intimacy. As result of that the whole process of "knowing" becomes much deeper and more intimate.

Our programmes are "Cooperative" and not "Competitive" which means the goal of study is not getting something right or wrong but understanding and knowing the material.

Ultimately that becomes a Discipleship model that is reflected in how we live before a watching world.

All of the teaching modules work themselves into our lives and experiences through each of these platforms.

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1. The Large Group


2. Smaller Table Talk Groups


3. Personal One To One

1. The Large Group is able to learn in a way whereby the content is delivered using a dramatic style of presentation somewhere between Preaching and Teaching.

2. The Dinner Table Group is an interactive group session of no more than ten people and is very much based questions and answers on material presented in the large group sessions.

Material can be explained with more detail and when it is hard to grasp we can grapple together on understanding the content in small group discussions.
In this case the environment creates the atmosphere.

3. This leads to the One to One or Individual Person sessions. Here a person can be totally honest about what they understood and what they missed and also how to apply it to their lives. This can be done sitting drinking coffee, together on Zoom or FB Messenger or walking and talking in the countryside.

Together, these three platforms allow for a sense of community where each person is able to learn in different ways that are unique to their own needs.